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Netzo Sinterklaas Tournament 2021

Last Saturday, November 20th, the annual Netzo Sinterklaas tournament was again organised in Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam. During this international LGBTQ+ volleyball tournament, teams at different levels compete for the medals.
This year we were delighted to welcome many international teams again.
The following countries participated: France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Thailand, Philippines, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands. There were about 400 volleyball players active this day and 48 teams.

The tournament started at 9 am and lasted until 6 pm. In the morning, the levels played in two groups, after which the medals were battled in the afternoon. It was a successful sporting tournament.

Unfortunately due to the COVID restrictions, no dinner neither a party could take place, which was normally held every year.

The following teams have won awards.
Unfortunately, there was no Level A group for the men this year, because there were too few registrations for this level.

The winners of Men Level B+:

1. Set in the city (Netherlands)
Set in the city

2. Corona Berlin (Germany)
Corona Berlin

3. Gaylor Moon (France)
Gaylor Moon

The winners of Men’s Level B-:

1. Bayotron (Philippines)

2. Strawberry (Thailand)

3. Boatylicious (France)
No picture because they went home.

The winners of Men’s Level C:

1. Family Sailing (Switzerland)
Family sailing

2. MaryPanthers (Spain)

3. Nauticos (Spain)

For the women, 1 group was made and there was no distinction between level.

The winners of the women’s teams were:

1. Las chicas from Paris (France)

2. The L boat (France)

3. The rubber ducks (Netherlands)

winnende dames

For the complete ranking list you can go to this link on Tournify!

Next year there will be a Netzo Sinterklaas tournament again in November and hopefully with a dinner & big party! Hope to see you all in November 2022!


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